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Hosting a build, affiliates, servers, tracking id

The term “hosting a build” refers to the practice of an affiliate saving a copy of an .exe on their own server. When an affiliate hosts a build, downloads made by end users come from the affiliate’s webpage/server rather than from the link that the merchant distributes.

Host Your Own Build

In order to host your own hardcoded build, there are a few steps that must be followed:

  1. Download the .exe from the link sent by RevenueWire (this is hosted on the merchant’s server)
  2. Save the .exe on the same server as your webpage or landing page — “”
  3. Link the download button on your webpage or landing page to point to “”
  4. Send your affiliate manager the URL where your .exe is saved — “”

Correctly Incorporate A Tracking ID On A Hardcoded Build

It is possible to use tracking IDs (subIDs) when using a software build with an affiliate ID hardcoded into it. Affiliates generally utilize this capability to differentiate traffic sources. However, when incorporating tracking you must ensure the affiliate ID in both the build and the subID link match one another. Different aliases cannot be used.

Here are two examples of subID links created for a sample hardcoded link, one correct and one incorrect:

Hardcoded Link: “”

Correct subID Link (Notice the affiliate ID matches the affiliate ID in the hardcoded link):

  • “”

Incorrect subID Link (Notice the alias does not match the affiliate ID in the hardcoded link):

  • “”

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