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RevenueWire’s platform uses cookies to track affiliated sales, properly distribute commissions, and accurately associate transactions to the correct accounts.

RevenueWire Cookies Overview

These cookies are dropped into a customer’s browser when they hit your affiliate tracking link. This is most common at the point of the download. However this drop can also earlier, such as when the customer hits your affiliate landing page or the cookie drop can occur later, such as when the user progresses to the cart. Despite this flexibility in timing, the cookie drop is consistent for each unique setup and depends on the affiliate link you select from the catalogue or on how you build a custom link.

How Cookies Equal Commissions

The cookies used by RevenueWire are set to expire after 90 days. This means if the customer purchases the product within a 90-day period after clicking your affiliate link, you get credit for that affiliated sale. However, the if customer has another RevenueWire affiliate tracking cookie dropped into their browser during the 90-day period and purchases the product before returning to your affiliate link, you will lose credit for that affiliated sale and credit is instead awarded to the affiliate whose link was visited.

RevenueWire cookies operate on a last-in-first-out (LIFO) basis in that only the most recently-dropped cookie gets the credit for the affiliated sale. This means that when a cookie is dropped by a new affiliate, your older cookie is effectively destroyed and carries no weight in the transaction unless that specific customer re-visits your affiliate link.

Cookies, Tracking IDs, and Aliases

In addition to cookies, any affiliate tracking you have set up—such as aliases or tracking IDs (subIDs)—are all stored in a session within RevenueWire’s databases along with the customer’s IP and device profile. This session is only available on the affiliate account, and the merchant only sees the affiliate ID for the sale, when applicable. What this means is that if the customer hits the cart but no cookie is present, RevenueWire will query the database for matching sessions and attribute sales where a clear match can be found. This mitigates some of the risk that customers clear their browser cookies or switch to different browsers before completing the sale. It is important to note that the accuracy of session tracking is lower than the accuracy of cookie tracking.

For more information on aliases and tracking IDs, please read here.

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