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As a Canadian affiliate, GST/HST is collected and handled by RevenueWire and paid back to you quarterly, regardless of whether your regular payouts are weekly or semi-monthly. The amount of GST/HST you are to be paid by RevenueWire is calculated based on the appropriate GST/HST rate of the province in which you operate, and this rate is applied to your net sales (Gross Payout – Sum of Refunds – Sum of Chargebacks) and translated into Canadian dollars from US dollars.

Calculating how much GST/HST you will be paid

GST/HST is calculated based off the province in which you are located. It is important to note that calculations are made from your net sales for the current calendar quarter. That is, gross payout less refunds and chargebacks.

Example: Your gross payout for the quarter is $11,000 while you totaled $700 in refunds and $300 in chargebacks. You operate in a province with a GST or HST rate of 10%.

Net Sales = Gross Payout – Sum of Refunds – Sum of Chargebacks
= $11,000 – $700 – $300
= $10,000

Then, apply the GST/HST rate:

GST/HST = Net Sales * Your province’s GST/HST rate
= $10,000 * 10%
= $1,000

Determining when you will be paid your GST/HST owed

Therefore, you will be paid $1,000 USD for GST or HST for the quarter in question, which is translated to Canadian dollars using the Bank of Canada average rate for period paid.

Regardless of how your payments are handled—weekly or semi-monthly—all GST and HST payments are processed by RevenueWire by the third week of the final month of the current quarter. For example, for Q1 (January to March), GST/HST payments are processed during the third week of March.

How GST/HST owed is paid to you

During the third week of the final month of the current calendar quarter, you will receive an invoice showing the GST/HST you are owed. A subsequent matching cheque will follow up this invoice and will serve as your payment of GST/HST owed for the calendar quarter.

Setting yourself up to receive GST/HST payments from RevenueWire

In order to receive these GST/HST payments from RevenueWire, you must enter your GST/HST number into the GST number field inside the platform. Please log in to your Affiliate account, navigate to the “Setup” tab, click “Payment” in the submenu, and you should then see the field. Without completing this field accurately, you will not be paid for any GST/HST you are owed.

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