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WordPress (WP) is a must-have for creating and managing affiliate websites quickly and easily. But did you know that plugins can expand WordPress to do a range of different tasks above and beyond the standard WP functionality? It’s true. As an affiliate marketer, the right WP plugin (or plugins) can have a significant impact on running your business more efficiently and effectively –– and more profitably, too.

A lot of highly successful affiliates swear by their WordPress plugins, so its definitely worth considering as another way to strengthen your campaigns.

To help you decide which are the best plugins for you we’ve compiled a list with some short descriptions about each. We recommend you have a read through and then choose one or more of them to test out for yourself depending on your specific campaign needs.

Exec PHP

This plugin uses cleverly engineered shortcodes to execute all of the reusable PHP code that’s on your WordPress pages. Basically it allows you to organize, test, and reuse all of your PHP code including the code in posts and widgets –– saving you a tremendous amount of time and effort when building out your sites. It even works in your newsfeeds and comes with internationalization support (English and German included with many more languages available).

Google Analyticator

This handy plugin gives your site the JavaScript it needs to enable Google Analytics logging. It also contains widgets that allow you to display Google Analytics data in the admin portion of your WP account. With Google Analyticator you don’t need to edit your template code to begin logging traffic data from your WordPress pages.  Definitely an essential plugin for affiliates.

Pretty Link

This is a popular plugin that lets you display links exactly how you want them to appear. With Pretty Link you create the look of each link, and can even use your own domain name while Pretty Link tracks the stats behind the hits on each link. You can also shrink links down to size whenever you need to.


This is the world’s first and best WordPress management console. It gives you the ability to manage virtually any number of WordPress sites with advanced monitoring, backup, deployment, publishing and security features. If you’re running more than one site at a time this tool will help you keep them easily organized and accessible.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is the best plugin available for creating contact forms in WordPress. It allows you to create, build and activate your WordPress forms easily in just minutes. It offers a range of built-in form creation tools, from basic to advanced, that make give you the ability to configure your options and embed forms in your site effortlessly.

Dynamic Widgets

Dynamic Widgets give you full control over which pages your widgets will appear on. All you have to do is make a few selections about when and where you want your widgets to be displayed, and this plugin ensures that they show up wherever and whenever you specify. It also lets you dynamically show or hide widgets on WordPress pages by setting conditional logic rules with just a few clicks of the mouse.

WordPress Database Backup

A simple, no-nonsense plugin that can do some serious heavy lifting for you. WordPress Database Backup allows you to easily backup your core WordPress database tables to keep you protected from data loss.

WPtouch Pro

WPtouch Pro is designed to make it easier to offer great mobile experiences for WordPress sites. You can use this plugin to create unique, eye-catching and engaging WP sites for mobile browsing. WPtouch Pro includes lighting fast load times, preset design themes with professional branding elements and top notch customer support.

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