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A/B split testing is the simplest and most important way of measuring the effectiveness of your campaign creative and continually improving your conversion rates by applying rigorous ongoing changes. With A/B testing, can find out which specific elements of your PPC ads, banners and landing pages are driving conversions and which ones are weighing them down. The following is a short overview of the basic elements of an A/B split test to give you an idea of how it works and why it is so important to your success.

The Definition of A/B Testing A/B split testing is way to test two different versions of creative (i.e., landing page, banner ad, PPC ad etc.) in order to discover which one of them generates more conversions. Optimizely has excellent resources for split testing. In A/B testing two versions of a page or advertisement are tested against each other. These versions are identical except for a single variation that might or might not impact conversions. AffiliateTip recommends this simple page tester plugin to start split testing.

Isolate a Single Variable One of the defining features of A/B testing is that you isolate one variable for each test. Significant improvements can be seen by patiently testing individual elements such as copy, call-to-action, layout, images and colors. Whichever element you choose to test, you have to remember to make sure you’re only changing that one element between versions, otherwise there’s no way of knowing which change is responsible for an increase or decrease in conversions.

Why A/B Testing is so Effective A/B testing helps you identify strengths worth keeping and weak points that need some alterations in order to increase performance. More specifically, testing two different versions of a single page element allows you to determine the effectiveness of specific elements of your creative so that you can use that information to build out higher-converting pages. It allows you to refine your campaigns over time and continually increase your revenue.

Where to Start Visual Website Optimizer is a great free A/B split testing tool you can use to get started testing your campaign creative. Another excellent resource is Unbounce, a platform that allows you to build, publish and A/B test landing pages without the need for a strong technical background. Here is a link to split testing plugins for WordPress.

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