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Testing banner ads is the only way to find out what elements are working, and what elements need to be tweaked or replaced. By testing banner ads regularly, an affiliate can improve their performance and develop a set of standards that will help you generate more revenue now and in future campaigns.

Here are 3 simple A/B tests you can use to optimize your banner ads:

1. Test calls-to-action––Play with different wording in the CTA. Try testing an aggressive one like ‘Buy Now’ against a milder-toned one like ‘Learn More’. Control the test by keeping all other elements of the banner the same so you can to isolate which CTA text is working best when the performance results come in.

2. Test colors, images and backgrounds––Try testing a photo, versus a graphical element, versus a plain background to see which one performs the best. There’s no fixed rule for what speaks to different customers in different verticals, so affiliates have to run the tests to find out. Leave the copy the same and test these different visual elements to refine the banners and optimize performance results.

3. Test value propositions––The value proposition is usually contained in the headline of the copy. It states the value that the customer will get from taking action on this banner. For example, if selling antivirus software, the value proposition might be “Cure your PC.” To test that value proposition, you might run it against a second banner with a value proposition variation that is more specific, such as “Speed up your PC.” Testing the value proposition basically involves changing the angle of the sales pitch to see which one generates more clicks.

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