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One of the key factors of success in Affiliate Marketing is being able to drive quality traffic to your website and landing pages. Free Traffic and Paid Traffic are two of the primary methods of achieving that goal.

Free Traffic

Free traffic is any kind of traffic that you drive to your website or landing page by unpaid means — including search engine optimization, social media sites, online forums, blogs, and video marketing. Besides not having to spend any money to drive traffic and convert sales, free traffic is great because it takes less time and skill to manage, and can keep producing results over the long term.

Paid Traffic


Paid traffic includes PPC (Adwords etc), Media Buys and more. With this type of traffic, you’re basically paying to leverage someone else’s ad space. One of the things that makes paid traffic great is that you can see the results of your hard work almost immediately.

Paid traffic has some distinct advantages For one, you can test offers quickly and see if they’re converting before you decide to run with them. You can also usually increase your ad targeting by bidding on terms that you aren’t able to rank for organically. Another advantage is the ability to fine tune, and optimize your campaign to reach the desired demographic.

There are a few challenges with paid traffic that you should also consider. First, you have to have enough capital upfront to get up and running and to keep your campaigns profitable. With paid traffic, there is a risk of overspending without generating sufficient sales to cover daily ad spend. So it’s best to be cautious when first starting out and adjust your spending based on results.

Some of the different types of paid traffic include:

Google Adwords – This is the paid traffic’s most dominant and profitable force. Adwords are a fast way to drive highly targeted traffic to your website, but it can also quickly use up your budget. All in all the quality of traffic generated through Adwords is pretty high, so it’s definitely something you’ll want to give a try.


Media Buys – Media Buying can yield amazing results, and be extremely profitable. Buying ad space like a text link or banner spot on another related website can bring you significant profits. Just be sure that you’re placing your ads on sites that are relevant to your consumers and the product you’re promoting, otherwise you’ll be paying premium rates to generate unqualified traffic that doesn’t convert to sales and just ends up sapping your capital.


Ad Networks – If you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding websites to buy ad space, you can always work through an advertising network instead. Ad networks act as middle-men between you and the website that’s offering advertising space, and they are very capable of brokering ad placements for you that turn a handsome profit.


Use Both Strategies to Drive Website Traffic

The best approach to driving traffic implements both paid and free traffic. The more diverse your campaigns traffic source, the more resilient your campaigns will be. In the long run, using both paid and free traffic will help protect you against poorly performing campaigns and maximize your profits at the same time.

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