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In order to succeed in affiliate marketing today it’s important to have access to the best that Affiliate Management has to offer. With that in mind, the AffiliateWire Managers strive to provide you with a style of affiliate support that helps you succeed.

Here are a few of the values we live by:

We Put You First We strongly believe that Affiliate Managers should be 100% focused on making money for the affiliate. We take into consideration your traffic sources, your affiliate experience and the niche you are excited to promote and then provide advice based on that knowledge. We work closely with you to match your campaign offers to sales techniques that are going to be most successful.

We’re Readily Available & Easily Accessible A big part of what makes an Affiliate Manager effective is not only the knowledge and expertise they have, but also their availability and accessibility to affiliates. Our affiliate managers are always available to answer questions, help you start or adjust a campaign, and to discuss how to grow your business.

We Respect Your Privacy Your campaign is your business, plain and simple – any campaign information you share with us is confidential. We never distribute your campaign details, advertising methods, or traffic sources to anyone else. We’ve built our business on trust by practicing the strictest code of affiliate/AM confidentiality.

We Treat Our Affiliates Equally Our affiliate managers provide you with the same high standard of service whether you’re a top earner or a beginner affiliate. To us, every affiliate is an equal and while every affiliate’s level of skill and experience varies, the quality of service we offer never wavers. We always treat you as an individual and work to understand your unique abilities and challenges in order to help develop strategies that put you in a position to succeed.

We Focus on Customer Service Our commitment to customer service goes beyond the minimum industry standards. We pride ourselves on being flexible and capable of adapting to new situations as they arise. Sometimes your campaign requires an innovative marketing twist, or some on-point custom creative, or a new sales channel you’ve never tried before. Whatever that extra ingredient may be, we’re willing to go the distance to develop and implement solutions that will give you a competitive edge.

Meet the AffiliateWire Team When you join our network, an Affiliate Manager will be assigned to your account. They are your point of contact for all aspects of working with AffiliateWire. If you are not sure who your Affiliate Manager is, please email us (link to and we’ll put you in touch with the right person, or you can click here to meet the affiliate team.

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