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Revenuewire offers a free keyword tool. Here is a link to download it.

Combine Lists Tool

With this you can easily combine your lists. It’s great for making variations of different lists, or combining descriptions to use as different variables. You can generate hundreds of possible long tail keywords, or get a head start on spinning content.

Scrub Lists Tool

This is especially helpful when you have massive lists. You can use the tool to remove lines with the word “free” in it, for example, or easily remove duplicates. You can also quickly change capitalization and strip out specific characters. There are a bunch of different options that you can choose from and this is one of the easiest tools that I have found to do this.

Wrapping Tool

This tool is great as you have the ability to add words to the beginning, end, or both beginning and end of phrases. Not only that, but you can add characters too, like “” and [] – that means quick prep work for Exact match, Phrase, and Broad formats into your PPC campaigns

Rearrange Tool

This is again a neat tool just to change the order of each line. If you input a line such as:

ParetoLogic RegCure Pro

You will get back the variations such as:

  • ParetoLogic RegCure Pro
  • ParetoLogic Pro RegCure
  • RegCure ParetoLogic Pro
  • RegCure Pro ParetoLogic
  • Pro ParetoLogic RegCure
  • Pro RegCure ParetoLogic

This kind of thing is crucial to find undeveloped and profitable keywords.

Misspell Tool

This is exactly what it sounds like. You put in your keyword list, or whatever you want, and it will fire out misspelled variations that commonly occur with those words. Not all words will have misspelled options but some will.

The RevenueWire Keyword Tool is an essential program which can save you hours of time and a lot of headaches.

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  1. Steve J

    Just like to say thanks for your help and advice, your keyword tool makes my research so much better


  1.  Simple PPC List Builder | Affiliate Marketing

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