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The following is some information that will help you set expectations and answer any questions you might have on how the network handles earnings and payments.

Earning Potential

To give you some perspective, our top earning affiliates receive payments from us for over 250k per month. Some of the factors that will affect how much you end up earning are 1) your level of experience, 2) the amount of time you can dedicate to your campaigns, and 3) the capital you have to invest in your affiliate business. Basically, the more resources you devote to being a great affiliate, the more earning potential you have.

Payment Periods

Pay periods end every two weeks, on the 15th and last day of every month. We issue payments within 2 weeks of the previous period’s end date. Your paycheck will include sales up to and including the end of the pay period two weeks prior, less any refunds, chargebacks, or other charges incurred during the same pay period.

For example, your pay check on the 1st of the month will include sales from the 1st to the 15th of the previous month, minus any refunds, chargebacks, or other charges incurred up to one week after the end of the current pay period.


Payments are calculated based on net earnings after network transaction fees. Here’s an example with everything broken down:

Product Sale Amount: $39.90
RevenueWire Transaction Fee: (6.95% + $1 USD) $3.77
Remaining Revenue: $36.13
Merchant Earnings: (25%) $ 9.03
Affiliate Commission: (75%) $27.10

You can choose to receive payment by ACH Direct Deposit, Wire, or PayPal. Simply go to ‘Setup’ in your Account, then choose ‘payment setup’, and fill in the relevant information. Please ensure that the name you provide for the wire transfer or cheque matches that of your bank account to ensure that the payment goes through. For wire information, you will need to provide either a SWIFT Code or an ABA Routing number. Remember that AffiliateWire charges $28 for wire transfer payments and $5 for PayPal transactions.

If your paycheck amount is not larger than or equal to the payment threshold amount you specified when creating your AffiliateWire account, the amount is carried over into the “Balance” column to be added to your next paycheck. We have a minimum payment threshold of $100.

Deductions on Your Paycheck

If you look at the deduction column, you’ll see that it has in it at least 10% of your next payment amount. This amount is held for 6 pay periods and used to cover refunds. If the entire buffer amount is not used (i.e. less than 10% of your sales in a given period are refunded), the remaining amount in the “deduction” column will be put into the “release” column and added to your next payment. Bear in mind that the 10% minimum buffer amount can be raised up to and including 100%, depending on AffiliateWire’s risk assessment.

Our network does not issue T4s or any other tax forms since we do not make any additional deductions from our payments. We recommend looking at your bank statements or dashboard to see how much you’ve earned for tax purposes.

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